ARIAS New York Presents a Collaboration and Installation with Artist Anna Kunz

Joining the visions of designer Nina Sarin Arias and artist Anna Kunz, ARIAS New York presents Her Mirroring, an expansive art and fashion body of work inside its new flagship store located at 112 Wooster Street.Sarin Arias and Kunz have created a progressive and one-of-a-kind experience to celebrate their artistry and love for fashion and art. The Fall/Winter 2022 collection draws from Kunz's work with abstract forms and saturated pigments. Sarin Arias has adapted specific artworks into ARIAS's silhouettes, which are designed to empower those who wear them from day to night. The site-specific immersive installation will feature hand-painted textiles draped from the ceiling and large-scale paintings by Kunz that adorn the walls. The installation will be on view through May 30, 2022.